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(d) 5 (Nature) The Wind Is Trying To Tell Me Something

(d) 5 (Nature) The Wind Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Poem By Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

The wind is trying to tell me something
Just softly murmuring and whispering
Gently touching my skin and making me tingle
Breathe in the freshness and let it mingle
Take in the new earth after its been drenched of rain
Ease your minds out of the painful past and all the pain
Sing with the wind resurfacing the music that slowly died
Feel the vibrations of nature's love and not your hurt pride
Sway with the new crop out there in the fields
And not the dagger of your anger that it wields
The rose has wilted but a new bud has arisen
Release the past and let it out from your prison
Life is transient and you may not be able to capture love
But beauty is constant and it will always keep you above

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Comments (10)

Gentle, wonderful and amazing poetry for nature. I did enjoy these words.
A beautiful poem, written with such a caring hand. Lovely words woven together and a lovely read which was a pleasure. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
this is such a great inspirational piece.. i need it badly... keep on writing TO =)
A fantastic, flowing song. It reminds me of Swinburne at his best. A great message, too! Inspirational, and beautiful. - Will
That was simply awesome......u write beautifully and with feeling