05: 59am With Your Muse

05: 59AM with your muse!
Taking care of yourself;
And, to set your mind on positive things only.
Don't boil the honey with your acts!
For, we need peace than war.
Cain, pain!
As Satan came along to entice you;
With promises which cannot be fulfilled.
Illegal lust!
It seems very calm in the very eyes of the storm;
As the flood came through the waterway,
But, inspired by the truth to wake up early! !
At 05: 59AM with your muse.
Life, love, peace!
Officially noted with your works;
But, Satan came along to test you,
With the pleasures of the world.
Drone, clone!
And, with complexities;
Deep and large!
Narrow and tight;
Wide and easy.
To make your choice,
With the choices of life laid bare before you;
Broad and nice!
And, to dance with the tail of Satan around you;
But, try to watch the bread offered by the evil one and be wise.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (9)

Nice 😎 cool poem with nature
you were peering through an aviary window? ? i like it. :) to MyPoemList
Awesome is a word to often bandied about carelessly - but in this instance a perfect description of this piece and it's magnificent subject. What a rare privilege you had to experience such a moment - and what a privilege for us that you have chosen to share it. Thanks. love Allie xxxx
TO, how lucky you must've been to have that visitation. In red indian folklore the eagle is a most treasured bird. You captured the fear and the admiration very well here. HG: -) xx
this is like a 'minute' captured and put in words, your fear, and his majesty very wll portrayed, liked it! Preets
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