Before Switching Off Light

Hushed dark
Feeling walls
With hands of winds
Is groping its passage
Into the house.

Jumping out of window
Is staring the dark
From afar.

Stuck in indecisions,
Though emboldened
By intense desires,
I am imbalanced
This time
I'm overflowing, and
Staring vacantly
Grappling these very drowsy eyes.

As if unaware of
This disquiet
Caused by love's intensity
Should I complete this poem
Or should I put
My room's light out?
- -

(Translated from Nepali by Abhi Subedi)

by Suman Pokhrel

Comments (2)

A long poem, like this, gives the readers more knowledge and understanding on this popular and passionate poet. I read him as a young student in elementary school and marveled at his lines, Thanks for this entry.
'abysm'? Oh, abyss! :)