Wanting You

Wanting what we cannot have,
This rings so true,
As I look at you.
Nothing I would not do,
For a minute with you,
A sweet smile,
A kiss or two.
Skin my knees,
Scrape my elbows,
To cause myself pain
Beckoning laughter,
All because
Of your innocent winks,
Distracting lips,
Melodious laugh.
I'm captivated,
A plea I send up,
What can I do?
You make me wonder,
Make me dream,
Make me ponder,
Make me scream.
I look everywhere
For eyes of your hue,
I want you, you, and only you,
Had I but one wish,
I'd wish for you,
In earnest I wait,
I wait for you.

by Nestor David Armas

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