Lil Bunny

You funny lil bunny, so full of tricks, sometimes I wonder what makes your mind tick.
Always hopping around, digging at things on the ground.
Jumping into our laps, as you make your rounds on the back edge of the couches, then you jump down to our feet to make your bunny bounces.
You stand up right on your two back feet, sniffing the air for a treat.
You insist, at times, on being petted, even while we are bedded.
So curious, as you search every nick and nook, giving everything a good look.
You enjoy being cradled on your back.
For evoking kisses, you have a nac.
Your so soft with your spotted black and white fur, your kind of funny looking, that’s for sure.
On your face is two big black spots that make you look like you’re wearing a huge mustache, you’re always good for laughs.
You are such a lil joyful creature, proving the humor of our creator.
I’m so glad our youngest pick you out as I watch you both hop about.
You both have so much fun at play, being little buddies throughout the day.
Sometimes our little guy walks you on a tether, it is treasured moments when you’re together.
So lil bunny, named Hercules, keep hopping around as you please, your darling little ways brings my heart ease.
You’re soo lovable, just watching you with our son my heart doubles.
Your little antics help to melt away my troubles.
You’re so funny, you silly lil bunny.
You’re so cute, you look like a toy.
Thanks for bringing us so much joy

by kara towe

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