D - Faith And The Huntress.

Poem By Gillian.E. Shaw

Across a mind in dream a form
hovered as white diamond light
bedazzled by the entity;
belief and trust and loyalty.

Who once upon a purple time
when footsteps fell on sodden ground
and absolute; fair gaze intense
conveyed a word and all it meant.

The word of import for mankind
a little wisdom hard to find
and keep and hold in all men's hearts
until death comes and we depart.

Across a famished soul in dream
hovered as white diamond light;
belief and trust and loyalty
without verification: Indefinitely.

For Alan and Joan Berry.
A dream.

September 2005

Comments about D - Faith And The Huntress.

Diana, in all her charm. Described by a feminine dream. Never to be better done in any a man has seen. GW62
Gillian, This reads really well. I would love to know what you are drawing here. Whatever it is, its very valuable I think. Egal Bohen..

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