D.H.Lawrence As A Novelist

Is first of all autobiographical,
So much subjective, so much impressive
Recording the the impressions and sensations
Felt in love
Physical and bodily,
A lover of the body
Not the soul
With strange meetings described
In the magical of love
With lucid words
Never so expressed, said so
Annihilating the morale
That boosts up,
Decaying the load and monotony
Of rampant intellectualization,

A lover of women
He is after love, sex and dreams,
Glued to,
An admirer of
Appleyish cheeks and luscious lips
And lustrous eyes
Met with,
Felt in love,
The glow of the body,
Flesh and blood
The fictional property of his
Writing about attraction and repulsion so often.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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