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Every where I go east or west
There’s always someone there trying to stand on my chest
Fueled by the abhorrence of my complication
Always saying that my race and theirs have no connection
To me it’s a mystery
We learn trough history
Of how the white folks came to Africa and how my people were taken and in slaved
Called our traditional ways savage thus forcing change since to them we where strange
Changed our religion and our way of life
Only to rob us of our riches with a gun and a bloody knife
King Leopold of Belgium used to cut off human limbs of mine workers to set an example
Work faster his men lashed so our king could have more diamonds to gamble
He installed fear and thought us how to hate each other so now we are our worst enemy
Destined to crash and burn brother’s and sister’s is that really our destiny
My god Congo
Why most we fight each other instead of asking why we suffer and plot the courses
While these foreigners come steal and cheat us of our own land and resources
Corrupt leader after corrupt leader followed by rebel forces trying to take what is ours
Using Warfare that doesn’t involve suicide bombers or exploding cars
Soldiers and rebels raping women & children to the point of sterilization
A nine year old girl was raped to the point where now her liquids run with out hesitation
For the record Aids didn’t come form a monkey it was created in a lab
Genocide to rob us blacks, us Africans of the only thing we ever had.
Africa still young but yet almost dead
She lay’s teary eyed wounded while her rivers flow red
She’s been striped and striped till there’s close to nothing
I have little to go back to so I’m forced wondering the world looking for something
Some where some place I could call home
But I am detested every I roam
Why because I’m African, I’m a nigga and I’m black
They fear my potential, my intellect and that is a well know fact
I say this to those who are racist you are more then unjust
You are less then nothing and I say this because I most
You can hid your fear behind bed sheets and burn my dreams
They will survive and I promise they will shine through like the sun’s beams
You can try to kill me but I will evade you like mosquito flies
Cover my eyes with wool but I will see through all your lies
You can’t judge me because only god can judge me
And with him by my side you can’t touch me
So hate me all you want because I’m not leaving
Change will come one day so I just got to keep on believing
The day peace comes to Congo what a feeling
You say peace in Congo today many would reply what’s the meaning

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