JS (december 12,1978 / bandar sakti north sumatra)



what is it?
if it's really good and cool
in your feeling and brain
make you a big laughter and bliss
and give you the confidence and style

what is it?
if it's easy to get
when you have bread in your pocket
and then give the best but worst friends to share with

what is it?
if it's hard to get
make you a dangerous thug
willing to rob, steal and kill
just to have it stung and sniffed

what is it?
if it's really hurt and tortured
make you cry and tense in pain
then give up the ghost in the end

what is it?
it is D's
Dying and

(life is in your hand and don't make God take it as you don't appreciate it)

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Those D's say much in life