D Ticket Ride

Life is like a trip to an Amusement Park
And, upon coming to the tallest roller coaster
We stand there and watch as throngs scream in fear~
And then
Smile in joy

Why not I?
I can take that big hill!
I will hold my hands up high!
All will see that I am not afraid!

So we stand and wait
Hundreds waiting for hours...
Just to get their chance at the Big Hill
And then-
It's your turn...

Up we go to the highest peak around! ..
Looking down you can see everyone!
And - then suddenly - there's Fear,
and Doubt...

'This hill looked so easy from the ground!
All others who came before must have weakened this ride!
This may be the time that the foundation gives way! '

It doesn't

And just as all those who came before you
Your life is saved at the last moment.
Grinning at beating the odds we scream 'Yeah! '

Then -
all too soon
the ride is over...

Others have waited to take this trip.
No amount of bargaining can buy another ride.

So again we wait,
Looking up
and thinking...

Just one more trip to the top of That Hill! ! !

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