Da Bes Mommy

Poem By Patrice C. Queen

My mommy
Da bes mommy
Everyone know it
But deh no know she
For my mommy not a Pharisee
Deh ting she deh do is done honestly
I always know she deh work hard
Never begging nor asking anyone
She do for everyone
No matter how deh generous or stingy
My mommy jus di bes mommy
I know the time she work all day
Go to evening school
And still feed we
My mommy strong
Many time she sleep bout 4 hours
For that was the most hours
She could afford to sleep
Landlord try to take advantage of my mommy
She try not to pay him no mind
I tell her Mommy just don't pay the rent
They will have to fix it
Mr. Jacobs was a wicked man
Only fixed what he had to
But my mother was forever ahead of him
And always live in his better building
In the better neighborhood
I felt very bad when a Florida land company
Trick my mommy and tief she money
But she felt she could not fight them
For she had to take care of we
I wanted to go fight them
Tell them fi give back
Ma madda money
My mother suffer in America
So I can have the best of the world
Never limited to a land mass
My mommy di bes madda
My madda know
World citizen
Is first class

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