'Da Troof And Only 'Da Troof

When it's spoken and should be understood,
For what it is...
It ain't!
When I'm expected to listen,
With eye contact and sincerety...
I bet not blink!
Enough though what is being said,
Has been pounded in my head.
Even that beaten horse...
Whispers to me to play dead!

'Da troof and only 'da troof,
I swear! '

And I listen to these kids today...
Trying to convince,
With words they say!
Without comprehension...
At all conveyed!
Because what is delivered,
Is from a TV show re-anactment made!
And every syllable from these lips...
Comes a form of some desception.
Scripted from urban streets and learned!
And rehearsed by gifted actors displayed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

it reminds me of young TV rap gangstars, who really go to far, and find too late... that the prison is full of barbarians & gladiators. who don't like rap music or rap gangstars. happy holidays.