It wasn't just a concentration camp
designed to commit murder.
It was much much, more.
It deprived inmates of their dignity.

by jerry hughes Click to read full poem

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We must learn everyday to provide everyone with dignified treatment, to show kindness as opposed to meanness or brutality. thanks for your poem, Jerry. Uriah
The Geneva Convention was convened to prevent not only soldiers, but citizens from suffering this indignation during war or peacetime...sadly, it still continues. Coach
Dachau gives the odour of unwanted death!
I was stationed in Germany in 1978, we drove by, and you could still smell death
the present day prisons no better, i suppose...not to sound cynical, at times i feel human nature is evil!
Jez.. Points not blank! ! keep righting them one peace at a time... I can still emblaze from my mind the memorial sculptures at Dachau... poignant... also recalling with a g/friend last night our jaunts behind Berlin Wall.. wow 19years down now.. aroha xx