Dad you are a man I love,
cherish and adore.
All of the way up to the ceiling,
and back down to the floor.

There are times I don't see you,
and dad it tears me apart.
Because I love you so dearly,
with all of my heart.

You are kind and so gentle,
I am your number one fan.
Your so honest and caring,
you really are a special man.

It's the best when you look at me,
with your eyes full of pride.
That look that tell's me...
Don't give up,
You did your best,
You tried.

So thank you dad for all of your love,
and all of the special times we have had.
I hope I will make you proud of me.
Because I am so proud that you are 'My Dad'


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Bless your dad, Angela, and bless you too. And I just love the opening verse. Listen, there's something I want to show you. Visit your inbox. Regards, Gina.