I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (5)

A lovely poem, Mary. Very profound
Yes indeed this is a great poem. One I will look upon more often.
good hurts to lose somebody, i liked the poem
my father had a problem showing love, still i know that he love me...nice poem.
Wonderful poem. Brings a lump in my throat everytime I read it