DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)


There goes the suitcase,
Picked up from the floor,
The last time I see his face,
Will I ever see it anymore.

Walking out of the house,
Is he really gone,
The caring scent from his blouse,
Won't be back as usual for dawn.

Look out the window,
As he enters the car,
Dad, without you I can't grow,
Will you be away from me, far.

Hearing the engine begin,
Running out the door,
It's giving me creeps on my skin,
Don't leave me here unsure.

Please don't leave me here,
Do you really want me to live like this,
Do you really want me to live in fear,
This is really nothing but bliss.

Dad only you can get me through,
Only you can help me live,
Without you, I don't know how to,
I'll never live through this pain that massive.

I walk to the road,
I look all around,
You weren't there, I'm gonna explode,
I sit back, I cry, but give not a sound.

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