I lost more than
a toy car or a teddy
i lost a loved one
who stood and fought for me
who has taken care of me
who did more than i suspected
didn't go to pubs every night
and got drunk and didn't remembering anything
he was a serious yet funny
had his good and bad times
but i guess he's not coming back
to hold me when I'm scared
to help me when I'm confused
to tell me to stand strong when i fall
most of you people are lucky that you got a dad
but most people don't care
but I'm proud to be my dad's son

©copy write
Corey Rebbechi

by Corey Rebbechi

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all dads are so kind and considerate dear.. beautiful one...10 rate mine on same lines... papa dou know & papa u too along with o, mother
Very sad and touching. Heartfelt. I'm sorry for your loss.