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Poem By Adrian Wait

Where does the light go?
When you turn out the light
Where does the sun go?
When day becomes night?
Where does the breath go?
When someone sighs
Where does the love go?
When someone dies
Where does the tide go?
When the sea withdraws
Where does outside go?
When we are indoors
Where does the day go?
When it folds to yesterday
Where does the time go?
When I am a sleep and away
Where does the wind go?
When it leaves the skies
Where does the heart go?
When someone dies
Where do the tears go?
When someone cries
Where does childhood go?
When we grow up
Where do our words go?
When we shut up
Where do the toys go?
When they cannot stay
Where do the stars go?
When night becomes day
Where does the love go?
I really want to know?
Rain to the river, river to sea
Love is a circle of seasons
Love is forever, and returns to me.

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Comments (1)

Kind of sweet, like an original, I was going to say nursery rhyme, it may be a little more 'sophisticated' than a nursery rhyme...then I was going to say 'folk song', which may be more accurate.