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Poem By Desiree Whitamore

Past memories are always a pain if you're me.
The only things you never forget are the fun you used to have.
With no strings attached.
And if somehow he doesn't remember, you will never talk about how he expected you to be something you're not. all alone, with out him. and how good it felt walking cupcake at night with him, in a foreign state of mind.
And somehow when you're with him, it never crosses his mind how much your heart is being torn apart with hurt because he doesn't care.
And even if he does, he doesn't understand.
And because you remember, they'll never understand the pain when you were shut out from his life.
And there your heart goes.
And even though you're sad, it isn't depression that worries you.
And though they fought too much, it isn't your father's not being there that swells your heart.
But that someday the step mom will clear the void and the new baby will be close to you, and you'll share him.
And you truly pray he never chooses to say he understands.
Because he never will.
Love is care, and he'll probably tell someone how you're secretly happy, but he'll never know how miserable you really are.

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