DSH (In The Fifties! / Baden, PA)


Dad, I’ll always remember the times you went to the half-pint games,
And how you cheered me on, and on, and on;
So much pride we both imbued, as I crashed into bodies to maim;
After all these years I can hardly believe that you are gone.

The times we ate the wonderful dinners that you cooked,
The burned hot dogs in the oven always looked overcooked!
The time you let Al and I drive the Corvair to the church in Ft. Myers,
Even though it was leaking oil, quarts per hours.

Why Dad you spent so much time at dorm room C,
Which actually was your office as only could be done at FC.
If you could see me now, living at Fontana, On the Edge,
You would recognize that I at least followed in that stead.

How many years has it been since renal carcinoma took you away,
From Rose and me and Al that way,
I know we all miss you dearly,
But Dad I know that I miss you the most, very clearly.

You made it big in your last few years,
Bursar and Assistant to the Director of Properties and Industries at FC,
You never held me in your lap like Uncle Paul when I skinned my knees,
But Dad you always were quick to admonish me to do the right thing and not shed a tear.

Many, many years you’ve been dead,
And I must admit for some of those years I was in the dread,
Of succumbing to that vile illness that took you away,
Never more with me and Al and Rose to play and stay.

Now it’s time for me to get on with my life,
Mi hijos are growing up just like awakening from sleeping over night.
I know you would have been proud of them as I am,
You would do anything in the world to just be by them.

The next time I am in Orlando, fair,
I’ll visit your grave, which isn’t really a grave, but I will stare,
And remember the good times that we had on the special times of the year,
Like Christmas and Easter, Halloween and New Years.

I know you are in heaven fair,
Up beyond the bright azure blue fare,
Some day if I am given my reward up there,
I’ll join you in that fair land of never where.

The End

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HI David, nice Poem I can see it........ also My Dad and I had a Corvair, engine in the back, little gear lever hihihihihi, have a great new year, , Dave