What happend to us dad.
it's so hard to look at you without
breaking into tears,
didnt you know you know you were my BIGGEST hero.
I feel abandoned from you.
I feel like ill never be good enough for you
and deep down i miss you.

what happend to us we used to be so close and
have fun we hung out
all the time now it seems like your
so far away. it feels like you hate me
why did we go our seperate ways.
dad i miss you and i miss
being with you why did you turn on
me why cant you except me for who i am?

you call me names you make me cry
you ignore me and treat me like
i was a mistake everyday i feel like
i want to take that blade and slice away
cause with you hating me i dont know
if i can live anymore it's so hard
why cant we be friends?
why cant you be my dad again?

i hate that you hate me
i hate that you dont look at me like your kid
i hate that we grown away from each other
cause when you were actually my dad, my life
was great.
now it seems that you dont care about me anymore
so i am going to ask you once
do you want me to be here anymore?
or do you want me to take that blade
and cut away?
please tell me cause i need to know.

dad just please be my dad again
cause i need you in my life again
please stop calling me a freak stop
calling me all those hurtful names

please come back dad i need you in my
life i need you to be my dad
Im sorry im here
Im sorry i was born
Im sorry i disapointed you
I'm sorry im a freak
I'm sorry im Emo
Im sorry i love you
I'm sorry i need you
I'm sorry i miss you
I'm sorry you love my sister and brtohers more then me
I'm sorry i dont get good grades
I'm sorry im not perfect
I'm sorry.....

by Megan (Emo) white

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wow i think i could feel the pain great job 10