Dad (About Me)

Doesn`t it hurt not to know your daughter,
Doesnt it hurt not to be there for her,
Doesnt it hurt not to know what she looks like,
Dosnt it hurt to know that,
she hasnt got a dad to be there for her,
To stick up for her,
Not to be there in time of need,
Do you ever think about her,
Or just carry on as if you,
Never had a child,
Dont you care about her,
Doesn`t it hurt to think that she,
Needs her dad and hes not there,
Well you know what i hope it does,
Because you left me and you have,
Missed 16 years of my life,
You have never been there for me,
I`ve not had chance to miss you,
Because i dont know you,
Whos fault is that?
Yours because you left me! ,
I hope it hurts you,
And you regret leaving me,
Do you ever think of me? ,
Or dont you have time,
Because you dont care,
Do you wish you never left me,
Or are you glad,
Well either way i hope you pay for it.

Wrote before i met my real dad

by StaceyLeigh Olner

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The hurt and sadness can be felt in this write. Sorry that you are having to go through this. May you find what you are looking for deep within your heart. Scott