Dad Part 2 (About Me)

I hate you for what you`ve done,
For leaving me,
A child growing up without her dad,
Not knowing who he is or where he is,
That hurts me,
How can you leave your child,
And not care for her and love her,
An innocent baby left by her dad,
Im always thinking of you,
'Wondering what you look like'
'Where you are'
'Does he ever think of me? '
I dont know but i do know,
He hasn`t got a heart,
Because he left me,
You could walk straight past me,
And i dont know who you are,
How can you leave part of a childs heart empty,
It took 2 people to make me,
And 2 people to look after me,
A mom and a dad, so where are you?
In a pub not a care in the world,
I could never leave my child with 1 parent,
You would never know when your a granddad,
Because your not there to talk to,
Where have you been when i have needed you?
I suppose i`ve got to love you,
But love who?
I dont know you,
I hate you for what you`ve done.

Wrote before i met him

by StaceyLeigh Olner

Comments (2)

You can feel the hurt and pain you feel by not knowing the answers to what you are searching for. One day you will have the answers, of course you may or may not like what you find out. These poems were written from your heart which always makes for a great read. Scott
Very powerfull read. I have read both of your writes on your dad and the questions you ask are the same questions so many like you would love to have answered. I can feel the anger in your words, but also the love that might be. Otherwise why would you want to know? Again very nicely done. 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison