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Dad Part Ii
MC (19/12/79 / Leicestershire, United Kingdom, England)

Dad Part Ii

Poem By Melanie Candy

When you die
It's not you that I will miss
for I'll be thinking of mother
Who you killed with your poisonous kiss
On the day you die
Of course I will visit you
But only to ensure that it's true
And no tears will I cry
And once again you will miss your turn
But karma will soon find you
And judgement will soon come
but there'll be no heaven for you my friend
so in hell you will burn
For I remember those words that you said
When she finally lost her fight
When you looked me straight in the face
And uttered "it's your fault your mother is dead".
It was the cancer that took her
but if it hadn't, it would have been you
You raised your hand daily
and made her lose the unborn
Still to this day not many do know
But don't worry, never will I tell
And if you think it is because I fear you
oh pop, how wrong you would be
and it's not that I dislike you
In fact the reason is
I hate you, I despise you
You are nothing
Everything and everyone you touch dies, gets hurt or wishes that they never knew you
Actually I take back the part of you are nothing
You are something
For you are:
You are the cancer.

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nawwww that is sooo sad! ! ! Very emotional too! ... Good write tho... Too bad ur dad is evil.... mine is too... ever need to talk i will listen k.. Kaila