Poem By Jess Terry

am i really a disappointment?
dont i ever reach,
a high enough level of perfection?

Im in excellerent classes,
what more can you ask?

I cant be perfect,
I'm not a robot.

I like to wear my short shorts,
I like that high cut dress.

So Daddy,
What do you expect of me?
Perfection just isn't me!

Comments about Daddy

Really enjoyed the read, it is very nicely penned. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Try to see it this way, appearances give off impressions of yourself. I am sure you Dad knows you are very smart young lady when it comes to learning, but he may feel that you are giving off the wrong impression of yourself by wearing those short shorts and short dresses. Scott
being yourself is the most perfect-and doing that naturally is great- avery honest and straight poem-10

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