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HSA (08-02-19994 / Kansas)


They lied to me...
They said the pain would fade...
They said one day I'd forget...
They said one day I wouldnt cry when I thought of you...
That one day everything would be okay...
They lied to me.

Your gone, and everything seems so wrong.
The pain runs through me like fire.
The tears fall like the rain of a neverending storm.
Your last words ring in my ears.
Your last image only brings more tears.
They lied to me

It never went away, not even for a day
The heat never cooled, the anger just pooled.
It grew in my depths, stealing the smiles from my lips.
As i fade into sleep, the softest crystals fall to my pillow,
they leave with my thoughts as I fall into your smiles.
I wake with another dream of you fresh as the morning dew in my memorys. Daddy, oh daddy... I wish you were here to tell me what to do... I'm so lost without you...

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Lovely poem Heather, but watch your spelling and grammar. Best, Jerry