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RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Poem By Rachel Fogle

An image that you carry close to your heart,
Holds so much value where does one start.
Picturing someone, whom you’ve never really met, is part of a longing that you sometimes forget.

I wonder about my daddy sometimes for days and weeks.
Does he wonder for me or am I far from his reach?

I have never thought I lost anything without him here,
Only missed out on something special that now those wombs can’t heal.

There are times when you are little and a daddy is needed so.
I use to cry when I was younger wondering if he loved me so.

Where were you daddy?
Where have you been?
So long since you’ve left, so long since you’ve checked in.
I’m sorry if I wasn’t what you needed.
I’m sorry you couldn’t find time to get to know me.
I’m sorry we missed out on so much now regretting is all there can be.

It’s ok I had mommy.
She was always there for me.
Just thought I’d write and say hey did you forget about me?

There are times when it’s important for a daddy to be there to.
Like the day I get married, what shall I do when you’re not there?
Or the day my baby says to me, don’t I have a grand paw to?
These are the little things that matter; these are the things you will miss to.

Where were you daddy?
All the times in between.
Where were you when mommy was tired and she needed time free?
She worked so hard to keep us happy and a roof over our head.
And now it’s all over the childhood you missed in the end.

I’m older now; many years have gone by.
Two many to get back, too many to shove to the side.
You only get one chance to be a daddy that’s true.
And now your chance is gone,
Daddy where were you?

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