LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)


Daddy, won't you brush my hair
And tie it up in bows,
Help me put my clothes on straight
And wipe my runny nose;
Daddy, won't you play with me
Or help me ride my bike,
Teach me how to count to ten
Or take me on a hike;
Daddy, I'm your favorite girl
Your precious little child,
An angel when I'm sleeping
And a devil when I'm wild;
Daddy, buy me pizza, please
And take me to the park -
Push me on the swings so high
And let me play 'til dark;
Daddy, there is nowhere else
That I would rather be
Than walking here beside you
Or sitting on your knee;
I hope you know I love you,
'Cause I'm your favorite squeeze -
Today I'll ask for bubble gum........
Tomorrow it's your keys!

(Dedicated to all those special dads out there from their daughters.)

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

This fits my daughter's life to a tee! She has had Daddy wrapped up for 23 yrs now and no end in sight.So all you Daddy's out there, be warned! (by the way Linda Happy birthday to both of us)
Lovely, expressive of innocence, and with just a hint of what's to come. Delicate, quality writing Linda... xxx jim
What a fairytale of a poem - a wonderful tribute to dads good and bad, big and small, young and old. Your rhymes are effortless and never forced and the spirit of the little girl within shines through your beautiful words. love, Allie xxxx
Precious, and heartwarm, Midnight...The closing line is only 2 years around the corner(no pun intended) for me! Beautiful sentiments, Linda...Thank You, lass! FjR