Daddy doesn't love me
Daddy doesn't care
Well daddy im'a cut yeh
And laugh at your despair
In your skin ill etch
The story of my life
And for every tear you've caused me
Ill go deeper with my knife
You don't wanna see me
For x-mas or birthdays
Well now i'll make you fear me
You wont f***ing get away
Your body chained up to a chair
Your toes nailed to the floor
You ask and plead and beg to stop
But all I hear is 'I want more'
Then I'll take one eye
With my fingers. Screw the scoop.
You'll watch me with the other one
As I chop it into soup.
As I feed you mouthfuls
I'll laugh as you get sick
Then I'll take my knife
And cut into your d***
I never learned the lessons
That Daddy should have taught
You plead and beg like a fool.
I'll forgive you. When you rot.
Daddys getting punished.
In every goddamn way
Cause daddy wasn't there for me
So thats the price you pay.

by Jocelynn Halbauer

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