(06091994 / Finland)


You used to be there, just watching after me.

Now you're only here, twice a year. Just so you can break my heart all over again, No wonder i'm this way.

I'm just waiting - hoping, waiting for you to see what wasn't meant to be.

Every time you come, i pray, That you wouldn't leave me again, that this time would never come again. I look deep to your eyes and say

'Daddy please stay, please don't go away. I know we can work this out, I promise i wont shout. Mommy doesn't mean the words she's spewing out her mouth... Daddy please.... don't leave me

I would show you a picture, and hope that, that would cure, all the pain that's left unsaid..' We look so happy, it was supposed to be happily ever after, with laughter''

You would just turn your back on me and say, i must go now, and see you someday.

I would cry my self to sleep that night.. Mumbling the words, You said you weren't going to leave

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A true picture of the contemporary society and these lines hardly touch everybody world is like that, someone is weeping lonley and somebody helpless and others never care of that situation 10++