Son I love you and at least this much you should know, but daddy’s mind is sick and I have to go.
Daddy will return just as soon as I can, and I will help raise you into daddy’s little man.
He said, Daddy go get well, I will miss you while you are there, I’ll be here with mommy so take your time, ya hear.
Daddy don’t be too long, there is so much for us to do. I don’t want you to miss my first words or me chasing after you.
Today I took my first steps while I was looking around for you, daddy I’m so lost and I don’t know what to do.
Mommy cries all the time and her belly is so round, I thought I heard your voice but you were nowhere to be found.
Mommy just gave birth today to another baby boy, I’ll help teach him how to walk and I’ll share all my toys.
Daddy you said you me and now I’m not your only son. Daddy you weren’t there to see me hit my first homerun.
Daddy you said you would come back or is that something you just said? Daddy you never even called me, your messing up my head.
Daddy you never came back and that makes me feel so sad. Now mommy kisses another man and makes us call him dad.
I hope that you are happy, wherever you may be, Daddy all I do is think of you, Daddy do you think of me?
Today I found some old pictures of you and they made my mother cry. She said you look just like your dad and you have his blue eyes.
Daddy you never showed up and that makes me feel so blue, Daddy now I know your never coming home, so goodbye and I love you.

by Gary Nigro

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WOW! Great poem, giving you a 10+ for this Gary.