Poem By Michelle Sampson

Part 1:
“Daddy, daddy, come back, come back! ”
That moment where my whole world went black.
A tear runs down my face.
He turns and stands in his place.
“Don’t worry; I will only be gone for a while.”
He gave me a meek smile.
But I knew I would never see him again.
I knew that in my heart and memories he would only remain.

Part 2:
We were all watching TV,
And from what we could see,
There had been an explosion where daddy was.
I say a quick prayer like mama does,
Hoping daddy was ok,
Watching in dismay,
We saw daddy’s name.
I felt a sharp pain,
A tear rolls down my cheek,
I could not speak,
I could not get any air,
All I did was sit there.

Part 3:
I stand here in this church,
My eyes did a quick search.
I saw daddy’s casket.
I held my locket.
Inside there was a picture daddy and I.
I put my hand on his coffin and said my last goodbye,
And as I said goodbye, I then knew
Daddy, I will forever love you.

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I came back to read your poem again. This is a very thoughtful poem.
'Wow' what a poem you've written!

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