Your blind happiness,
your sugarcoated hatred,
your intelligent stupidity.

You do not know
what you do to me
every time you smile.

Every time you smile,
you make me feel so vile.
I can't describe this
mysterious emotion
rising up in me,
burning my soul quicker than fire.

You should've known better
than to laugh at the blood on the floor.

You should've,
but you didn't.
There is nothing I can do for you,
now that you have joined him.
I have no choice but to kill you.

by The Queen's Dagger

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This poem is weird, and I feel really bad for that poor dad
I thought that is was very good for little children and the structure of the powem. I though it was funny. i realy enjoyed reading it.
its the camera taking a photo
what does click in line 11 refer to
answer daddy fell into the pond
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