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Daddy Hear Me

lovee fromm a dad
at a distancee neverr found
hee said that hee would be for youhh when youhh had a problemm
smilee and walkk away
but deep downn knoee that, thats a liee whoo he onlyy kneww
believe waht youhh want hee sayss
sayss that hee iss sorry for all the painn hee caused youhh
but inn yoo mind it repeats all the wronqss hess donee
never thouqht youhh could forqivee hymm
untill onee dayy youhh doo
hee sayys that thee pain wont repeat but it alwyss endd thee samee
thee promisee hee breakss and it all beqinss too repeat
dont knoee whyy hee causes that pain that neverr qoess away never
that wholee that remainss empty even thouqh youhh fill it withh thinqss that never mattered beforee.
finally realizee that thee reall hymm showwss andd the reall hymm iss the onee that caused youhh pain and sufferinqq all thesse yearss whenn youhh just 14 yearss old.
rather flash back too the dayss when he wass the one youhh kneww and the onee youhh cared forr
look inn hiss eyes and justt knoee that thee old hymm left and never will returnn.
tears dropp but he just turnnss and wavess.
hee sayss that he never chanqedd and dontt knoee what youhh talkinqq bout but deep downn hee doess
just cant find it.

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