Have A Nice Day

'Help, help, ' said a man. 'I'm drowning.'
'Hang on, ' said a man from the shore.
'Help, help, ' said the man. 'I'm not clowning.'
'Yes, I know, I heard you before.
Be patient dear man who is drowning,
You, see I've got a disease.
I'm waiting for a Doctor J. Browning.
So do be patient please.'
'How long, ' said the man who was drowning. 'Will it take for the Doc to arrive? '
'Not very long, ' said the man with the disease. 'Till then try staying alive.'
'Very well, ' said the man who was drowning. 'I'll try and stay afloat.
By reciting the poems of Browning
And other things he wrote.'
'Help, help, ' said the man with the disease, 'I suddenly feel quite ill.'
'Keep calm.' said the man who was drowning, ' Breathe deeply and lie quite still.'
'Oh dear, ' said the man with the awful disease. 'I think I'm going to die.'
'Farewell, ' said the man who was drowning.
Said the man with the disease, 'goodbye.'
So the man who was drowning, drownded
And the man with the disease past away.
But apart from that,
And a fire in my flat,
It's been a very nice day.

by Spike Milligan

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fantastic one.a mixture feeling between love and hatred.some times love changes to hatred.i have the same written(love = hatred) please read if you have time. best ~nb
this is the worst poem which I have heard yet. Nobody can have a such bad feeling to her family especially her father. You should check yourself then express your feeling idiot
DON'T LIKE IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1
I understand your feelings, I myself share the same sort of mixed feeling regarding my father. your poem was fresh in topic, but I sensed that sometimes It proved comedy(hitting with the shoe!) and at other times was completely serious. maybe you shouldn't only focus on making words rhyme but try expressing what is in your heart. good luck!
Ferret Girl, this is one of the most saddest poems I have ever read. The mixed feelings and emotions used to write this about your father, come through very clear here. I don't know your exact circumstances but I'd say that maybe there is a way to make amends with your father, and that the two of you can come to an understanding. I do hope that you do try. Thanx for sharing. With love n hugs, Barbara 'If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be.'