Daddy Im A Fox

Daddy i'm a fox
An daddy I am free
Can’t put me in a box
Cos daddy that’s not me

I follow my own dreams
Daddy my own way
Though to you it seems
You want your say

I’m bending all the rules
Daddy to be me
Daddy its only fools
Who don’t want to be free?

I am a different breed
From all the rest
Born already freed
A living for the best

Daddy you created
Me don’t you know
Weren’t you elated?
As you watched me grow

You taught me to be free
Then you changed your mind
But daddy I’m still me
An iv left the world behind
By foxy 08

by foxy babii

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Comments (3)

you are totally right nice, keep up
You have expressed your feelings of freedom very well in this write…but try to understand that Daddy’s only want to protect their young from any harm or misfortune….may peace and joy fill your heart each and every day….stay safe and free. Scott
hey! ! ! ...good poem....nice rhyming scheme and fun to write more and more...