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Daddy...Please Don'T Give In

Daddy...Please Don'T Give In

Poem By Kaitlyn Leighsomething

The clock keeps ticking, your heart still beating
How much time is left? No one knows.
Can I say my last goodbye? Or will you go?
Please stay with me forever...don't leave me now
Lord, won't you help me make it through somehow?
Daddy...please don't give in
Its to early for us to be alone..
I need you now more than ever, as I feel your line getting thin
You take your last breath
Your heart stopped beating, you slipped into death.
The hospital room is filled with despair
Our sadness floats in the air
You lose your life, your body goes cold
Your hands too cold to hold
I fight the tears; to make you proud
I love you, I whisper aloud..
Deep inside me, my heart is bleeding
How can you describe the pain I am feeling?
I lost my daddy, my best friend
You may be gone, but my love is here for you until the end.

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Comments (3)

very well spoken - takes me back to when my Father passed away at times it seems like yesterday
Oh this is so precious and sad at the same time, as I too went through this with my father, It is very hard for anyone to go through this at any age, and I am still going through it.... Very good, and the emotion came through very STRONG.... Bonnie Collins
This is sad but your love shines through. I've been through the same thing and you describe it well.