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Daddy Please Don'T Hurt Mommy
Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson (11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

Daddy Please Don'T Hurt Mommy

A little girl stood crying as the father beat the mother,
next to the girl stood her older sister, and older brother.
Alcohol was the demon that drove the beating hand,
the mother bruised, and sobbing cowards from the man.
Why does daddy do that thought the little girl?
Oh how I hate my father, he's the worst person in the world.
The mother now alone in the bedroom with a razor above her wrist.
'Please mommy don't do it, ' the youngest child did persist.
The father starves the mother, three days in a row,
the little girl hates her father, yet the father is too drunk to know.
Is alcohol the problem or does there exist more?
The little girl's answer comes from her sobbing mother lying hurt on the cold, hard floor.

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Comments (2)

Wow! It must hurt to have to go through that at such a young age. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope things get better soon.
That is a very touching poem.... Very deep.