Daddy's Girl

You brought me into this world.
Not knowing anything about love.
That the real kind came from
the source above.
You taught me respect
And knowing the truth.
You are my daddy and I am your angel.
One day real soon we will spread our wings.
And fly.
We will fly into the clouds so high.
Daddy I don't know what I'm
Gonna do with out you.
You lead me into the right direction.
And hoped I'd maintain
My own life.
As I got older
And things got tough
I stood by your side,
Until God thought you had enough.
He took you away from me.
Though he knew the time was right.
I feel so bad
Because I didn't get the chance to say
I love you and goodbye.
Now all I can remember is your laugh.
And your smile.
The way you walked.
And your courageous style.
The way you held my tiny hand.
And never missed a beat.
Your worldly spirit creeps across the sand.
I gaze out into the midnights sky.
Hoping you will tuck me in and tell me goodnight.
But then I realize that you aren't coming back.
And we will reunite one day.
I just cant wait.
I long to see you.
I miss the smile upon your face.
Your wit and your grace.
I wish you didn't have to leave me.
I just cant wait until we are finally
Again together for all of eternity.

by Ashley Roseanne Pleasure

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