Daddy's Gone To War

I never thought I would fall in love until the day I met you
You’ve always been there for me even on those days I didn’t think I’d make it through.
But you are away now, and I feel so alone.
Wishing I can see you and not just talk to you on the phone.
Our daughter is doing just great she’s talking a lot more.
When she ask me where her daddy is, I tell her you’re at war.
I didn’t tell her what war was, just said you’ll see her soon.
Hopefully before her birthday that’s coming up this June.
There will be times where I won’t hear from you, and all I do is worry,
Thinking of bad things that could’ve happened, leads one to fury.
But I know why you’re where you are and what I must do,
You fight for our country and I’ll be here for you.

by Caroline Oberle

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