LI (06/30/74 / Charlotte)

Daddy's Lil Princess

I remember the day I came into the world
You was so happy that I came into the world
I remember as a child, You told me thayou would give me the world.I remember
the dollar bills on the Christmas tree
I use to think that no money in the world
will make me rich. As long I was Daddy's
Lil Princess.As a child I use to fall asleep
on your chest to hear you heart beat.
Which sounds like drums. I remember
at night you use to check my closet
Because I use to think the bad man
will always came to my rescue
Just like a knight and shinning armour
protecting me from fear and harm
I am all grown up now, But I'm
still your Lil Princess that
needs her knight and shinning armour
To protect me from fear and harm

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