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Daddy's Little Angel
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

Daddy's Little Angel

Daddy! ' Let go now ' his little angel
Whispered! He is the one.
He smiles, and found peace within
her Words.

Right in his eyes she took her first step!
Papa was once her favourite word.

He held the princess he raised with
tenderness and daddy did blessed
her with a kiss.

Walking down the aisle his tears
glitters with pride and love.
And she realised it was the moment
when heroes cry.

He whispered' I placed your heart in
his hands because I know he loves you'
But I love you most ' and daddy did blessed her
with a kiss.

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Maya Angelou

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Beautiful, Enyinwa. I have four daughters, and tho they are all grown now, they are my little angels