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Daddy's Little Girl
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

Daddy's Little Girl

She gets read a book
Every night
And through his look
She's tucked in tight
Her face so sweet
Lays on the pillow with care
And when their eyes meet
She knows he'll always be there
But days go on n weeks rush by
n before she knows it He's about to die
His eyes are sad n brim with tears
She is mad Because she has to face her fears
He dad could die That very day
And the words 'good-bye' She just wasn't ready to say She was her daddy's little girl Or so he said As he pushed the curl back on her head 'I love you my dear' 'I love you too'
n with the fear He would leave her soon
But when he's gone She'll always be Her daddy's little girl that's easy to see

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Langston Hughes


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