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Daddy's Love Their Daughters

Every since you were just a baby girl

you have owned my heart and ruled my world

All those times I picked you up

and put you in my old pickup truck

All the trips I have made to the school

cause you were sick or played them as fools

All the times I spent with you playing games

watching movies and dropping coins at the arcade

All the weekends we spent together

hanging out with family and friends forever

All the days months and all those years

all wrapped up in a single tear

I look back now on days gone by

I wish I had one more time to fly

To fly a kite or ride a bike

go to the park or anything you like

I would give just about anything

to hear you laugh and hear you sing

I have tried to be there through the years

to hold you close and hear your fears

I Love you more and more each passing day

I hope you wander back my way

If nothing else so that I can explain

How daddy's love their daughters every day

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