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Daddy's New Wings

Daddy’s new wings are neither white nor gold.
No tinge of blue or sapphire I’m told.
But polished like silver flowing feathers.
No dust on his halo, it will no longer gather.

Daddy’s new wings take him where ever he likes.
No longer does he walk uphill toward earthly strife.
Catching a glimpse of the ones left here below.
Daddy’s new wings he will never outgrow.

I have felt sweet breezes across my lonely face.
The wind from his wings I am sure I could trace.
For one fleeting moment and then it was gone.
Daddy’s new wings are taking him back home.

Amongst the clouds and golden aged faces.
He is welcomed with love and guided with patience.
For it takes a bit longer to work newborn wings.
He always seemed to master almost any new thing.

Yes, daddy’s new wings are not like the last.
The ones left here on earth are now part of the past.
These are much bigger, stronger and secure.
The kind that is given to only those that are pure.

He can’t out grow them as they beat softly but, strong.
Like a hummingbird’s dance and a whooper-wills song.
I keep in my memory so many of these new things.
Watching the sky and smiling at daddy’s new wings.

In memory of my dad (3-5-43 to 3-17-07) . I Love You.

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