(14 april / Authopedic hosp.Enugu)

Daddy Wasn'T There

when i was catechised
when i was bowdlerised
when i was circumcised
when i was baptised
my daddy wasn't there

when i was criticised
when i was antagonised
when i was bastardised
when i was brutalised
my daddy wasn't there

when i became civilised
my properties i privatised
i became centralised
my was computerised
my daddy wasn't there

my offenders apologised
my enemies eulogised
my brothers tantalised
i thought i was organised
still my daddy wan't there

the devil brought another device
when they said i was demonised
i was caught and breathalysed
and finally exorcised
my daddy wasn't there

i became disorganised
i was moralised
and deeply traumatised
i was no longer globalised
my daddy wasn't there

my life capsized
everybody emphasised
that i have been categorised
as one of those who were mesmerised
my daddy wasn't there

now i'm heavily energised
now ready to equalise
my life was formaised
my neighbours epitomised
my daddy was't there

the devil was immobilised
lucifer was desenfracised
old nick was distabilised
their kingdom was disorganised
my daddy wasn't there

my daddy wasn't there
to take me to the fair
and join me to enjoy
no reason to fear
it seems he doesn't care.

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This poem is amazing, haunting. I love your use of repitition- it makes the poem sound like a nursery rhyme that's been ripped apart to reveal that childhood isn't so wonderful.
very impressives write..........
very, very good poem. keep up the good work.