Daddy Why

Did u hug me
then touch my
Beat me black
and blue from
the tips of my
toes to the base
of my neck,

Why did you not
love me like
the rest

Daddy why
Did you make me
hate myself

Why did you
through me across
the living room floor
when my arm was
already broke

Daddy why
Didn't you protect me
from all the bad
things that were
happening to me.

Why did you not help me
when you knew
i was being sexual

Daddy why
Did it please you that i
was so scared of

Grown woman now
with grown
kids of my own
I have forgiven all
those who wronged

And with Gods
grace i survived,
I just have one

Daddy why
Do you hate
me so.

Written by
Copyright Jackie Kirby 2/2/05

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