Daddy, Why Are We In Court Today?

Daddy why are we in court today
Please I don't want to go away
Mommy left us when she died
Keep us with you, Daddy I cried
My brother's promised to be good
Sister and I will do what we should
Please don't leave us here alone
We don't want any other home
Why did Daddy just walk out the door
Doesn't he love us any more
Mommy went away when she died
Now daddy's gone away I cried
On the floor I screamed and whined
Daddy how can you be so unkind
We love you Daddy with all our hearts
Now you've let them tear our family apart
Daddy I just want to give up and die
I want to go to be at Mommy's side
My heart died when you went out the door
Now I'll never be able to love anymore

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