Daddys Girl

now i know who you think i am,
wounds that cut deep,
salted from your lips,
n im just trying to get around all this confusion,

i was a wife for 8 years
im only 28
all the life that passed me by,

im just trying to reach out n grab it,
i dont want to be bad at what i do,
i cant make sense of it anymore,

looming at the minds door,

wish i had wings to fly out of this body,
writhing in the pain of the things you said,
n ive always been daddys girl havent i

im not a perfect mother i wasnt ready
but i try i learn daily
n you say i give to much,
i dont give enough
n you say i gotta grow up

n i cry.......................

by BladesongRaven Gehrig

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