B (12/22/94 / Grant hospital Columbus Ohio)


Dads can be a pain in the butt, but you'll never want to leave when you grow up,
you'll miss those days, when you were a kid,
and got to play and sit on their laps,
you'll miss kissing them good night, and they'll miss you holding you tight,
you'll miss being daddy's little girl, and he'll miss showing you the world,
you'll miss those days, when you brought your boy friend over,
and he teased him and made him feel right at home, scary at first,
but that's when you know, he's really not ready to let you go,
he holds it in, because he tries to be strong, but soon it will come out,
when he gives you away, on that very important day, he'll walk you down the aisle
with a broken smile, but he's very happy, you finally found love,
with someone that treats you right, and now he can let you go,
with a great big smile!


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Rudyard Kipling


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a wonderful poem..full of love and truth..i enjoyed it as a dad with two daughters